Shade's bio

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Shade's bio

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Personality:Calm, yet tempered mostly silent but a caring person when it comes to his comrades

Short bio:Put into the military at a young age he was put under a bioengineering
experiment untill he was deployed at the age of 18 into an military zone at which he was left behind after his mission, left to fend for himself

Appearance:Black suit with a gasmask, none of his skin revealed below his suit, a large broad shouldered figure, seeming atheletic and muscular,but under his gasmask he is lacking eyes,only small indentions reside where his eyesockets and eyes should be

Abilities:a personall cellular manipulation at a hyperactive rate (for example, bone manipulation)

Weapons:An ls480 a combat knife along with a supply of rope in his pack along with some ammo


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